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Paracord Survival Grenade Is Stuffed With 26 Life Saving Tools

Carry a big bang of explosive essientials in the small space of your pockets. The inside of this handy grenade is filled with 26 survival tools like waterproof matches, LED light, 35 feet of tactical camo and 15 feet of charcoal 550 paracord, 4 fish hooks, 4 water purification tubes and much more. All of these survival tools may just do more than help you last longer in the wild. It’s a tiny little thing that is just waiting to be used. Just take a look at the things that

Hydraway: Pocket Size Water Bottle

Sometimes you just don’t have room for full sized bottles. They take up all the space in the world and they are useless if it gets punctured or ruined. The collapsible bottle solves it all.   The Hydraway Collapsible Bottle can go from a 2 inch to a full sized bottle in seconds. Water bottles can easily take up weight and space, but the collapsible bottle only weighs 64 grams when it’s empty. Leave your imagination to do the possibilities of how this stashed bottle can be used. It can be packed

Ultimate Survival Hiking Stick

Maximize your chances of survival by 2500% by utilizing this hiking stick. Consider yourself a survival godfather when you don’t have to reach in your pockets for any of the tools that this stick packs. You get storm proof matches, 50+ feet of paracord, a 300 lumen flashlight, and a water filled compass that sits on top. This is what you need to survive like a boss. Be the Obi-Wan of hiking. This is what you need to be prepared for anything.   Favorite