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Paracord Survival Grenade Is Stuffed With 26 Life Saving Tools

Carry a big bang of explosive essientials in the small space of your pockets. The inside of this handy grenade is filled with 26 survival tools like waterproof matches, LED light, 35 feet of tactical camo and 15 feet of charcoal 550 paracord, 4 fish hooks, 4 water purification tubes and much more. All of these survival tools may just do more than help you last longer in the wild. It’s a tiny little thing that is just waiting to be used. Just take a look at the things that

Hydraway: Pocket Size Water Bottle

Sometimes you just don’t have room for full sized bottles. They take up all the space in the world and they are useless if it gets punctured or ruined. The collapsible bottle solves it all.   The Hydraway Collapsible Bottle can go from a 2 inch to a full sized bottle in seconds. Water bottles can easily take up weight and space, but the collapsible bottle only weighs 64 grams when it’s empty. Leave your imagination to do the possibilities of how this stashed bottle can be used. It can be packed

DroneDefender Can Silently Take Down Drones Using Radio Frequencies

When it comes to drones, they are not the danger. Once you get a hold of this silent drone rifle, you will be the danger. One look and you’ll wonder if you’re if this is straight out of a sci-fi movie. This weapon, named DroneDefender, is designed to take down drones using disruptive radio waves. It’s totally harmless to everything else though, just not drones. Using frequency disruption technology, this disables the drone from being controlled by it’s pilot. It’s got a 400 meter range and it can be used to

Flying Dune Buggy

Aliens, monsters, robots; nothing can catch the amazing flying dune buggy. Designed for the off road, this little monster is able to fly up to 15,000 feet as it’s equipped with a propeller and a paraglider wing. It’s the perfect vehicle to make your escape from any disaster. When all else fails, and you’re 15,000 feet above the ground, the dune buggy is equipped with a power parachute so you can expect to land like a boss (safely of course). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iYT8eg1F8s Favorite

USMC Elite Blades

Go all out like GI Joe in survival mode by equipping these Elite Blades by USMC. Made for the elite of the U.S. Military, these 3 very sharp weapons have no limits to what they can be used for, including getting yourself through the night alive. Favorite

Ultimate Survival Hiking Stick

Maximize your chances of survival by 2500% by utilizing this hiking stick. Consider yourself a survival godfather when you don’t have to reach in your pockets for any of the tools that this stick packs. You get storm proof matches, 50+ feet of paracord, a 300 lumen flashlight, and a water filled compass that sits on top. This is what you need to survive like a boss. Be the Obi-Wan of hiking. This is what you need to be prepared for anything.   Favorite

Solar Powered Lighter

It doesn’t matter how stormy it is out there, when you need to have a cigarette, you can always depend on the solar powered lighter. With this crafty gadget, you’ll be able to harness the power of the sun to light your cigarette. Wind or wet weather, nothing can stop it… Unless of course there’s no sun to power it. In any case, you can let your babe check out herself as the reflective surface can also be used as a mirror. Totally windproof and waterproof Solar powered lighter Made

Navy Survival Guide

Get truly prepared for anything with the Navy Seal Survive Guide. The super awesome and boss-like author, Cade Courtley is a Seal and survival expert who reveals step by step instructions on how to survive virtually any situation. Favorite

Apocalypse Survival Weapon Kit

There’s nothing like having everything you need in one spot when everything else around you is falling apart from the inevitable apocalypse. In this little kit, you’ve got everything you need to defend yourself from attackers, zombies, and the odd creeper who doesn’t seem to be very sneaky.     Favorite

Apocalypse Survival Bike

When you find yourself in a distaserious situation,  use this apocalypse survival motorized bike. Capable of going up to 500 miles, it comes with a universal rack which allows you to carry anything you can think of. Favorite