USMC Elite Blades

Go all out like GI Joe in survival mode by equipping these Elite Blades by USMC. Made for the elite of the U.S. Military, these 3 very sharp weapons have no limits to what they can be used for, including getting yourself through the night alive.

Inside the handles of the Bruiser Axe is a waterproof capsule which contains essential survival gear.

These Elite Blades are made out of high quality material like titanium coated 440C stainless steel and CNC machined G-10 handles. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the technical details, because once your equipped with these, you’ll no doubt conquer anything in your path including but not limited to:

  • Zombies
  • Evil Dinosaurs
  • Zombie Cats
  • Alien
  • Robots
  • Or any combinations of the above

Once you’re seen with these elite weapons, no one (or thing) would dare try to compete with you for survival. If it ever comes down to the Apocalypse, all you need are these Elite Blades to ensure maximum defense against and all nasty odds.

elite blades2blades elite

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