DroneDefender Can Silently Take Down Drones Using Radio Frequencies

When it comes to drones, they are not the danger. Once you get a hold of this silent drone rifle, you will be the danger.

One look and you’ll wonder if you’re if this is straight out of a sci-fi movie. This weapon, named┬áDroneDefender, is designed to take down drones using disruptive radio waves. It’s totally harmless to everything else though, just not drones.

Using frequency disruption technology, this disables the drone from being controlled by it’s pilot. It’s got a 400 meter range and it can be used to take down any drone in sight.

How does this help you survive?

Drones can be used with either good or bad intentions and they can be controlled by anyone with a remote control. If you have a camp set up and you don’t want a drone discovering your location, then you’ll need to take it down with complete stealth. And this rifle does just that.



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